To Whoever You Are Now

by Pinnacle

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Our fourth album, six years in the making.


released May 24, 2018

Karl Eisenhart: Guitar, lead and backing vocals, tyranny
Bill Fox: Bass, keyboards, backing vocals, mandolin, Moog wrestling
Matt Francisco: lead and backing vocals, keyboards, Johnny one-take
Greg Jones: Drums, outlandish concept album ideas
Ray Weston: Lead vocals on “Words.”
Mastered by Brett Kull.
Cover art by Man in the Mountain.


all rights reserved



Pinnacle Allentown, Pennsylvania

Pinnacle concentrates on writing album material which they have performed to enthusiastic crowds at the NEARfest After- Party, ProgDay, and at ProgOctoberfest. They've backed Nick D'Virgilio, opened for Spocks Beard and Riverside. Pinnacle has played several shows for New Jersey Proghouse as headliners. ... more

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Track Name: Prelude/Flying Colors
Stripes and stars, the rockets’ red glare
Building walls between us
Purple hearts, the honor to wear
A sugar pill for the pain of trust

Banners wave in a spangled storm of verbal power plays
‘til war machines engage once more and the colors blend to gray

Flying colors a rainbow of hate
And all just a blur in a splintering mind
Are these words too little too late
To make this world color blind?
Black and white, the war rages on
Condition red on election day
Out of sight, the reason long gone
Now only pain remains

Man kills man for his father’s fears. His hate breeds prejudice
Children learning through their tears which friends can be their friends

Flying colors…

Walk with me at summer’s end
Way out here we’re the best of friends
Lonely roads offer room to care
We think the same thoughts, breathe the same air

Clashing colors make us turn again
The hate of the world between two friends
As age old tales tear us apart
And old wars rage

Hard to see through tearful eyes
Hard to feel with a broken heart
Hard to keep a solid mind
In a race that’s torn apart

Foreign shores and racial wars, a whirlwind in my head
The fire burns the rich and poor and the colors blend to red

Flying colors…
Track Name: Because of You
Sabre-like, refracted rays are piercing through the clouds
Heaven offers just a taste of all that she enshrouds
And I see, momentarily, as all your words ring true
The beauty I have found because of you

Caught up in the pageantry, a madrigal surreal
Mirror vision time has ceased, the mystical revealed
Now aware of a garden there, the splendor comes in view
It's mine forevermore because of you

One thing I've found
Life may drag me down
But your love knows no bounds
And I am renewed because of you

One thing I can say
No one can ever take away
The love you've shown me today
And I know it's true because of you
Track Name: 1001 Days
Every night I hear them
Their voices like the howling of a hurricane
Screaming back and forth
With no regard for what their words destroy

Sometimes the tears fall in torrents
Washing away the fear and the hate.
A thousand yesterdays go by
In a flash like lightning. Heaven to earth in the blink of an eye.

Now their hearts break like the morning
Colder than yesterday but new in every way
A bitter sweet teardrop is falling
With regrets of last night and the hope of today

Trapped between the love and the lies
Hiding their faces while saying goodbye
The storm will subside but the memories will linger
And color the rest of their lives

Now their hearts break…

Then I wake to a peaceful morning
Never really sure if the storm is over
Or if I’m just standing in the eye
Track Name: Little Tin Angel
Karma leaves her calling card on a sterling silver tray.
You ignore the warning signs and throw that thing away.
You hold a set of loaded dice, a victim of your own device.
Strong convictions weakening, but for now you’re still the king.

You call yourself a wanderer, the hero of the day
a martyr who can do no wrong and always gets away.
Icy fingers draw you near and change is in the atmosphere,
entangled in a world of lies where no one’s going to sympathize.

So you tread lightly and you say a prayer to the little tin angel in your pocket.
Hold it tightly so you know it’s there, you’ve got a tin angel in your pocket.
Close your eyes and hide away and hope you live another day.

All is well. All is well.

Karma lives a single life and won’t leave you alone.
The guitar plays the same old melody, it just takes a different tone.
You tune the strings and play along, try desperately to change the song.
Sing the words etched on the page in a spotlight on an empty stage.

So you tread lightly and you say a prayer to the little tin angel in your pocket.
Hold it tightly so you know it’s there, you’ve got a tin angel in your pocket.
Close your eyes and hide away and hope you live another day.

All is well. All is well.
So many lonely nights tripping on the threshold, falling to the floor.
You can hear perdition calling, scratching at the window, banging on the door.
Don’t look back. Just keep believing you’re invincible until

Karma catches up with you. You made too many waves.
Kismet is a chaperone when the guilty misbehaves.
Guilt you feel is time you’ve served, it’s nothing more than you deserve.
Subject of a watchful eye and years of past can testify.

So you tread lightly and you say a prayer to the little tin angel in your pocket.
Hold it tightly so you know it’s there, you’ve got a tin angel in your pocket.
Close your eyes and hide away and hope you live another day.

All is well. All is well.
Track Name: Words
Working on a method to my madness
Looking my process in the eye
Trying to find a way to find a way
To release what is locked within my mind

Thoughts come in waves and I’m drowning
In the undertow of self-doubt and fear

Words echo far away
Come to me
Add some form to what I want to say
Turn the key
Words tell me how I feel.

Trying to fill the space between the lines
With a clever turn of phrase
Something that might turn on a light
To chase away the darkness of the day

Say something old in a new way
Or give something new to the world?

Words echo…
Track Name: Stained Glass
The glass hit the floor with a crash that she wasn’t aware of.
There was only the sound of the laughter that caught in her throat.
The confusion she felt for so long made her melt as the tears began
and she fought with her thoughts as she knelt down to pick up the fragments.

She swallowed more pieces of glass today, they tore open the scars that had recently healed.
The bitterness swells like a saltwater tide and it burns inside and she waits for the pain to subside so the healing can start again.

There are memories in this house I don’t want, can’t take anymore.
The time for some changes is long overdue.

My story will never be told on a stained glass window. All the prayer in the world can’t repair the damage I’ve done.
The world is distorted when viewed through a section of leaded pain
All the color is gone, I just want to believe. I want to believe again.

How does a life get so tangled when the thing that you care for the most is forgotten and pushed aside?
Were we born with a purpose or do we prepare for the next time around?
Should we scream at the sky or seek cover for inner reflection?

The view from the hill has been calling her. She has visions of towers with windows lit up by a foreign sun.
The only escape from the cruelty of life comes in stolen dreams where she steps through the looking glass hoping she never wakes up again.

She gives him a smile as he walks through the door and embraces her. It was only one day but it felt like a lifetime he’d been away. He kisses her gently and holds out a present he bought for her. A hand-blown medallion ablaze with the colors of hardened fire.

The ghosts of the past always follow them. The fragmented images move in kaleidoscope patterns
swirling and changing and someday the spirits will fade away. Telescope foresight prevents them from heading that way again.
Track Name: To Whoever You Are Now
You fell asleep to the murmuring flow
Of the stream beneath your window
In the depths of night how do you know
If dream or dreamer makes the time run slow?

Flow with the stream to a far away place
Back to the life you left behind
Younger days with the sun on your face
And the future undefined

Who draws the line between singer and song
And what if they were one in the same all along?

And who are you when at night you dream,
Drifting way beyond the stars?
Would the one you dream of being now
Dream of being who you are?

When a new day comes as it always does
Which half of you will fall away?
And will whoever you are now
Return to dream another day?
Track Name: Stars
Long after dark the stars begin to glow in the sky. One by one they crystalize, silent sentinels of hope.
Hope for a sign. Points of light that go on burning
through the darkness of a frozen void with an endless ancient shine.

Shine down on Earth with silent light a thousand worlds away.
Is it quiet out there in space? Is that where the answers lie? The answers lie.

In a secret, solemn chamber lies a book. Poetry of comfort for a weary world.
Flickering candle turns the pages to white fire, burning like the Northern Star.
Flames in the sky, light the way. Light the farthest reaches. Stars in the night, burning bright, burning history ignite this life with blinding light and purging fire. Light up the night. Illuminate and take your place among the stars.
On a battlefield abandoned long ago, remnants of a raging war reclaimed by Earth.
Witness to a brief existence in the sun, ashes scattered to the wind.

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